"Just cannot protect the people from themselves"

Battle On Line - Not On Land

Sept 24 2021

Maybe I will change my mind, maybe not. But EA can go f&%k themselves and ignorant arrogant f#$king staff.

No way will I pay $100 plus for the next hacked version of the Battlefield frandchise.

EA has lost their way, greed has taken over. The players don't have rights except to play the game.

I don't send out ill will toward anyone, but Drako, you karma is coming.




June 29, 2021

Check out the screen print. What do you think? Hacker? Do you think a fix for this would be easy by a company such as EA and their programmers?

(click tio enlarge)

This type of thing really makes one think about pre-ordering 2042.

<S> Crom

This type of thing


May 17, 2021

So many games, so little time. It is like everyone and the monkey is putting out a game today.

With that said, it is sad to say that EA still has not got their collective chit together and come out with a game that Hackers cannot exploit on the PC Platform. as gamers, we just want a fair playing field.

While BF5 has been out for a while, the hackers are ruining yet another great game.


Because as a player, I am powerless to do anything about it in game.

You would think that EA/DICE would be able to have an algorithm to aid in this problem.

IE. Smoke is up, player A has a regular pistol, Player B C D E and F have machine guns. Player A, is at x,y coordinate, others are on the other side of smoke. Player A kills all the others with pistol through the smoke.

Once I Notice this on a server, I leave and send screen print to EA.

Anyway, not impressed.

Will I still play the game? Probably, hackers get bored and leave after a while.