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"Just cannot protect the people from themselves"

Battle On Line - Not On Land

March 21/2022

WE support the Ukraine, President Zelenskyy and the people.

flag of Ukraine

Medical supplies are the most called upon items at this time.

WE do not support the Government of Russia or their president.

That name will not be mentioned here and it would be best to have that name erased from the history books.


Jan 2022

Another year behind us and the World seems to be a crazier place. Wish everyone Peace and Safety out there.

BF2042 is still a large disappointment to the players of the franchise. The coding, play and overall support of the game is now an industry embarrassment to EA.



Oct 2021

Looking for information on how to play your Champions from Contest of Champions, check out this page of links.

Sept 24 2021

Maybe I will change my mind, maybe not. But EA can go f&%k themselves and ignorant arrogant f#$king BF staff.

No way will I pay $100 plus for the next hacked version of the Battlefield frandchise.

EA has lost their way, greed has taken over. The players don't have rights except to play the game.

I don't send out ill will toward anyone, but Drako, your karma is coming.




June 29, 2021

Check out the screen print. What do you think? Hacker? Do you think a fix for this would be easy by a company such as EA and their programmers?

(click tio enlarge)

This type of thing really makes one think about pre-ordering 2042.

<S> Crom

This type of thing


May 17, 2021

So many games, so little time. It is like everyone and the monkey is putting out a game today.

With that said, it is sad to say that EA still has not got their collective chit together and come out with a game that Hackers cannot exploit on the PC Platform. as gamers, we just want a fair playing field.

While BF5 has been out for a while, the hackers are ruining yet another great game.


Because as a player, I am powerless to do anything about it in game.

You would think that EA/DICE would be able to have an algorithm to aid in this problem.

IE. Smoke is up, player A has a regular pistol, Player B C D E and F have machine guns. Player A, is at x,y coordinate, others are on the other side of smoke. Player A kills all the others with pistol through the smoke.

Once I Notice this on a server, I leave and send screen print to EA.

Anyway, not impressed.

Will I still play the game? Probably, hackers get bored and leave after a while.